Graves' Disease

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    Linda S.

    How does graves’ disease fit into all of this? If I have graves’ disease do I follow the advise given for hypothyroidism? Will that work for me if I had the radioactive treatment years ago? What about diet? Do I follow the same diet? Not many people talk about graves’ and the diet that should be followed.

    Linda S.

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    Gloria Cole

    That is a question I have also. According to my endocrinologist, I have both hyperthyroid and hypothroid,
    he does not label them Graves/Hashimoto. He prescribed both levothyroxin and methimazole. Recently, he suggested that I drop the levothyroxin. At my last visit, he reported that I have “elevated TSH” levels.

    I am also a Type 2 diabetic (a1c 5.8). As for life style, I am vegetarian, fairly active. yes. I would like to know strategies for dealing with hyperthyroidism, nodules, anxiety, “thyroid eyes”.

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    I have Graves’ disease and had radioactive therapy 27 years ago. I’ve been on Synthroid since then but have had hypothyroid symptoms for many years. My lab results look “normal”. I live in a state in which naturopathic doctors cannot practice legally. I have tried several endocrinologists in the area where I live, but have not found anyone willing to “hear” me. I have been trying to educate myself over the years about other options for treating my thyroid but this forum is the first time I’ve heard anything about treating the cause of autoimmune diseases. This is quite exciting for me, but I also am discouraged because I don’t know how to find a doctor with this philosophy. Can you help me? I live in central Iowa. Thanks!!

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    I have graves and I’m trying to avoid radiation I’m taking methimazole and am wondering if Armour or Naturethroid pure will work for Graves’ disease. Thank you

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    I had my thyroid removed due to Graves’ disease and I continue to struggle with symptoms and finding a doctor who truly knows how to treat me. I can’t lose weight and it is such a struggle, brain fog, hair loss, body aches etc. I’m ready to feel good!!!

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    @Pam, I also have Graves and on Methimazole. I believe Armour and Naturethroid are for people who have an under functioning thyroid as opposed to over-functioning. I could be wrong. I would have liked to see more of the speakers address Graves disease and how a lot of this info relates to that disease as well. Hard to know what to apply and what not.

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    esther wright

    I had Graves Disease and Hyperthyroidism 20 years ago and took Tapazol for two years with great success. I also reduced the stress in my life and tried to stop being a Type A person..a workaholic. I did acupuncture, spiritual retreats, etc. I went into remission after 2 12 years. Amazingly, my hyperthyroid returned recently after going on a plant based diet for my cholesterol. Lost weight and felt great, but thyroid numbers indicated hyperthyroidism had returned. Hard to believe after 20 years of being fine. I found out I had relapsed when I had an A-Fib episode (irregular heart rate). I plan to take the Tapazol, reduce stress, eat normally again (got back on meat/chicken, but mostly organic)

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    esther wright

    I did some research when I had Graves and discovered that other countries rarely radiate the thyroid…only if it’s a matter of life and death. I took Tapazol, reduced stress by slowing down my life, (I was a workaholic). Also tried to understand the emotional causes of the condition. (not fully expressing myself-especially my emotions).
    Just say NO to the radiation of your thyroid which leaves you trading one illness for another. Crazy in my perspective. But it depends on whether you’re willing to make changes in your life to heal yourself.

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    I had 80 percent if my thyroid removed about 10 years ago due to graves since then iv really struggled with my weight can’t seem to lose it and also depression would love some advice on how to improve these issues thank u

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    I have been suffering from ever increasing symptoms of hyperthyroidism for at least 8 months, best I can remember. I had Polymyalgia Rheumatica for about two years before it finally went away, I also have been type II diabetic for 20 years and and have been giving myself B12 injections for 25 years for Pernicious Anemia. I am a very lucky guy. Since last Fall doctors thought all my issues were due to the diabetes. Not so. After going into a-fib at the doctor’s office I was sent to the ER and with testing there was diagnosed with hyper. A very understanding Endocrinologist had more tests done and informed me I have Graves Disease. I have been on 5mg Methimazole two weeks now and feel somewhat better. The doc says he would consider radioactive iodine or surgery as last a last resort and wants me to stay with the drugs I am on now for an extended period to see if I can be cured of this, the most painful and disturbing I have ever suffered. But I know remission is possible and am very confident it will happen for me. Twenty or twenty-five year remission would be ok – I’m 72. :-). Good luck to you all. I pray you all find the right doc and the right treatment soon.

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    There are practitioners who will do phone and Skype consultations, including some of the members of the panel I believe.

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    Oh that was supposed to be in response to Donna in Iowa (#891)

    I was diagnosed in late summer of 2012 with Graves. I am lucky that I responded well to methimazole immediately (once I was able to finally see an endocrinologist and get meds after seeing a GP first…) and am in generally good health (in my mid 40-s) and had been cleaning up my diet for a while (which was why it was aggravating that I suddenly out of nowhere was so sick!). I was confused about what food was good or bad Graves, especially regarding iodine/salt. So I asked my doctor if she could tell me what I should or shouldn’t eat. I didn’t even get the whole question out and she cut me off and said “that’s baloney, it’s great you are eating more whole foods and everything but the only thing that is going to help you is the medicine.” That really turned me off. This was about 6 months in. One day I decided to look up what the big deal was about gluten, and saw it is thought to interfere with your autoimmune system, and hey, Graves is an autoimmune disease. So I thought what the heck, it can’t hurt me to cut gluten out of diet, if I can manage it. I knew too much bread made me tired and depressed anyway. So every time I saw the doctor after that she cut my dosage in half until sometime later in the summer (2013) I went to 5mg methimazole every other day. Then in October she told me to stop taking the meds and since then I have gotten tested and I am still off the meds and feel pretty good.(I don’t even know if she knows I cut out gluten, I told the nurse but I don’t figure the doc wants to hear about my dietary choices and I don’t care to hear her derisive nonsense either.)
    However, my doc only tests for TSH, free T3 and Free T4.
    So, I am not 100% confident everything is really that good, if I’m seeing the whole picture without some of the other tests all these other doctors are suggesting need to be done. I plan to see a functional practitioner and see if I can get food sensitivity tests and a good guide to diet and supplementation that will keep me on the right path and in remission, because I am kind of winging it.
    This panel of experts has been really great. I am super grateful to be able to see all this and learn so much. I do wish Graves was addressed a little bit more. Even though it’s less common, we are out here looking for guidance. If Hashimotos and Graves are both autoimmune thyroid diseases, it would be nice if when addressing Hashimoto’s they could also address Graves.

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    E C

    Like several folks who have already posted, I have had Grave’s Disease for decades. I was diagnosed in 1979 and had radioactive iodine and have been on various drugs–Armour for awhile and then Synthroid for a very long time now (with “normal” thyroid panels). I had eye problems when I was first diagnosed and was able to hold off the worst problems by using steroid eye drops for many years. In 2006, I had a botched surgery for the lower lid of one eye; part of my ear cartilage was sewn into the inside of my lid to stabilize the muscle so my eye could close and it was accidentally sewn to my cornea. That made me shy away from surgery, even though my eyes were bulging out 25%. Finally, I went for a consultation with an amazing surgeon and had the orbital decompressions two years ago. He told me that the recovery would be arduous, and it was very difficult for about four months, and it took six months for the bruising to go away completely. My vision is fine; I won’t be going blind; many people don’t recognize me because I look so much better. All that makes me joyous beyond description.
    Weight issues, however, are the bane of my existence. For all of the 35 years since I’ve been diagnosed, I have engaged in regular exercise, eaten whole natural foods, avoided grains and gluten and soy and lactose, avoided eating meat or fish, taken supplements as suggested, etc. etc. I have been a model patient, mainly because the protocol also helped control migraines. Before I had the orbital decompressions, the doctor cauterized half my tear ducts, which made my eyes less dry, reducing the incidence of migraines to some degree, in some circumstances.
    After I had the surgeries, I gained 20 pounds, and I cannot lose it at all (this is part of a long-standing pattern–it takes me months to lose a few pounds, and sometimes I cannot lose any at all–then sometimes I gain lots of weight for no apparent reason–and I have no stress issues). Because of the migraines, I have eaten very little processed food or junk food over the years (really). I might have a slice of pizza every year or so, but I stay away from bread, gluten, cereals, grains, etc.
    I have tried low carb/low fat, rotation diets, vegan diets, Weight Watchers, etc., etc. I did have some success with eating a “chicken and lettuce” diet for a year about 20 years ago, but I came to a point where I started gaining a lot of weight for no apparent reason, and I gave up on that. All doctors I’ve been to tell me they have no answers, and I can tell that they are skeptical.
    In short, I would be deliriously happy if I could lose 20 pounds. If someone could tell me how to lose 40 pounds, I would be in Nirvana. I am healthy and have wonderful blood chemistry. I did have knee replacements six years ago and had a lot of inflammation until about a year after the surgeries, but I’ve been pretty good since then. I sleep 7-8 hours a night on a regular schedule.
    My consultations with exercise physiologists and other paramedical practitioners have all told me that I should be able to eat 2500 calories a day, considering my build and activity levels. I consistently eat 1400-1600 calories of healthy foods with dense nutrients.
    After watching this series, I think that I must have some sort of hypo/hyper thyroid combo. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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    Liza Hushagen

    I was diagnosed with Graves in Aug 09. I was told they had to destroy my thyroid or I would stroke out within 6 months. So I did, not knowing any different. In may of 2012 I realized by accident that I was Highly Gluten Intolerant/sensitive. Blood tests could not confirm if I was celiac or not. After doing research about gluten i discovered that it was probably the root cause of a lot of my medical issues over the past 5 years including my Thyroid. I am now and forever will be on Synthroid.

    I liked a lot of these discussions that you did.
    My BIG question is: What can people in my situation do to get our bodies back on track? (lose weight, fight depression, IBS, etc) I know that there are others that are probably still suffering like myself and our Drs won’t or don’t know how to help us feel better(even with eating healthy and exercise). Will you be doing a podcast on something along this line in the future?

    Thank you for lots of information over the past two weeks. I hope there will be more in the future.

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    Seems like most of the presenters are focused on hypothyroid. I recently had hyperthyroid for 2 years. I controlled the symptoms (tachycardia & high blood pressure) with propranolol while trying alternative cures (herbal supplements & acupuncture) because I didn’t accept the Western allopathic choices. I finally found an awesome Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor who prescribed some herbal tea formulas I took twice a day for 3 months and the hyperthyroid was cured within 3 months, six months ago. I was getting regular full thyroid panel blood tests every 3 months for the 2 year period. The TCM doctor didn’t need any of the data from the tests to diagnose my condition – he just wanted to see my tongue and feel my pulse. It’s amazing, so don’t always think you need to go the Western, allopathic, drug, route – there are alternatives to “science”- “the Art of Healing”.

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