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    Would love to hear what your take on lifestyle changes without a thyroid is. Had a complete removal 4 years ago, and it’s been a rough road to say the least. Tons of info on hyper/hypo symptoms and control, but not much discussion on living without one.

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    I would love to know too. My 19 year old daughter is congenital hypothyroid, she then had the whole thyroid removed at age 9. I was always told that it was the disease to have because one little thyroxine pill fixed it so I never associated it with any other issues as long as her levels were within range. I’ve researched lately and she shows classic symptoms of hypothyroid still, hair loss, intolerance of cold, mood swings, low iron levels, painful joints, dry skin and hair, painful periods, constant tiredness. I’m kicking myself that I never thought of this before……… Now the search is on for a Dr who will consider things other than her TSH, T4, T3 levels.

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    Where do you live b/c I see a great doctor in NY?

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    Amie Beckett-Montney

    I am also post total thyroidectomy for almost 8 years. Disheartened to hear so much pro-paleo in many of these interviews so far as I am vegetarian and trying very hard to be vegan.

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    Jenn M

    I am 9 1/2 years post-op total thyroidectomy due to uncontrolled Grave’s Disease. I gained close to 70lbs during my 18 months on Tapazole and have spent the better part of the last 10+years trying to lose it. The most success I had was doing VERY clean eating, keeping my daily sugar intake under 9grams per serving of food. I cut out all white flour, sugar, etc. I also amped up my exercise program. I was spinning twice a week, weight training, practicing Pilates and Yoga. Lost 25lbs during that time.

    There are so many things to consider before committing to having the surgery. I don’t regret having had mine one bit even though I did suffer a complication from the surgery, I am now chronic hypo-parathyroid, of which there is no treatment options available. I am on 10,000IU of Vit D3/daily and 3,000mg of calcium because my values are in the toilet.

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